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Demand for Chinese goods down by 45%

It Works!!! After the boycott calls on social media went viral, the demand for Chinese goods has fallen 45 percent as reported in Timesofindia. As per Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) due to the low demand the retailers are refraining from keeping more stocks of Chinese goods for this Diwali. 

The penetration of the campaign was such that this become talking point in offices, houses amoung women and children. I heard a 7th standard kid advising his father not buy any Chinese goods. Not sure whether he is aware of any International relationship which is as complicated as Chinese products, but the success of the campaign is such that this become the talking point in schools.

Please read the story here 

But there is a second part to this story, as reported in a television channel, traders are putting "Made in India" sticker on the China products and selling the same. As reported the retailers already dumbed products from China for this Diwali. So they left with no option to sell this product at any cost to cover their investment.


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