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Shops and malls can open 24/7 and 365 days

No closing day for shops and malls now- The Union Cabinet 

To add to the zeal of modern retailers, the Union Cabinet has agreed upon the proposed ‘Model Shops and Establishments act’ which states that retailers have the right to keep their business ongoing for each and every day of the year. Now, the retailers stay a fair chance to keep their shops opened 365 days a year. However, as per Cabinet, the duty lies with state government to abide by Central govt. approved model Act for retailing.

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As per RAI (Retailers Association of India), this act, if implemented properly, will boost up the retailing market, adding as much as 6% more to $600 billion earned by it annually. Retail segment, as the retailers say, will touch new heights with this act. The RAI’s chief executive, Mr. Rajgopalan put it as, "States do adopt such laws. This will ensure that customers can shop whenever they want to shop, retailers are able to open whenever customers are available, and it will improve employment,"

Previously, some states have got the law passed to enable business men to keep their shops working 365 days till 10 in the night. Modern retailers highly appreciate the initiative taken by states like A.P, Maharashtra, etc. to ease up the licensing process too that the retailers have to go through.


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